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Why use FiddleTrax?

FiddleTrax makes it easy for anyone to get Nashville Quality Sound. Studio fiddle & violin tracks are delivered right to your home or studio, Anywhere in the World!

Whether you’re looking to add fiddle to a new project or to an existing song, using FiddleTrax for custom violin will save your studio time and money. The process is easy, and you can have your custom fiddle track in as little as 24 hours!

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//How It Works

When you submit a track, you will get 3 custom studio-quality fiddle tracks to review and mix into your song or jingle. Kurt uses only the best sound equipment to record your custom fiddle tracks.

Submit a Track

Submitting a track is easy. Songs can be submitted in either mp3 or wav format. After listening to your song and ideas, Kurt will record 3 custom fiddle tracks for you to review.

Review Your Mixes

Kurt will send all 3 tracks as mp3 reference mixes for you to review. If you have any concerns or feedback, this is the point in the process to voice them to Kurt for adjustment.

Keep All 3!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Instread of picking the best track, you will get all 3 to edit & compile as you wish. You don't pay unless you are happy with his work.


"Working with Kurt was quick and easy. I sent him some tunes I needed done in a hurry and he sent me back several takes of each one, So we were able to pick and choose the licks we wanted to use. Virtually Painless!"

- Guy Randal,


"In my business of writing pieces for TV and producing artist albums, Fiddletrax has been an invaluable resource, Kurt has great chops, timing, tone, is super fast... and a hell of a nice guy, Thumbs up!!"

- Andrew Oye,


"Just wanted to say that you are the real deal! Providing 3 takes for each song, gave us more than enough great fiddle to choose from. Fast, easy and professional! Priced to be easy on the indie artist."

- Brian Hazelbower, Country Artist


Songwriters, Bands & Commercial jingle companies have all used FiddleTrax to achieve excellent results.

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